Red Mtn Productions, LLC. is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality in video and photography for architecture, events, and businesses in the most creative and effectively marketable way while using the latest technology available.


Rutsofia & Mauricio

Rolls Royce Dawn

Stephanie & Scott

Ajax Cup

Scott & Emily

Will & Morgan

Spar Street – Gallery 1949

Power of Four 2015

Red Butte Demolition

Aspen Constructors

ArtAspen 2015

Cache Cache Commercial


Red Mtn Productions has been an incredible asset to Aspen Peak’s free lance community. They see no barriers in getting the right shots, and have a good instinct for the pictures we demand. I know several Aspen Peak clients who have hired Red Mtn on our recommendation and they have since established on-going relationships with them shooting their events and real estate. - Alexandra Halperin
(Publisher) Aspen Peak Magazine


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Aspen, CO 81612